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London Homes for Sale
London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. London has been a major center of influence for the entire world for centuries and its founding dates back 2,000 years. It is a leading financial centre for the global market and continues to gain prominence on the world scene. In 2012 London will host the 2012 Summer Olympics. Thousands of visitors a day come through the London Heathrow Airport.

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Some of the most popular places to purchase London real estate in the Greater London area is in Kensington Square W8. This desirable area features some of the most prominent and expensive in the entire city, and is one of the 3 areas known as West London’s golden triangle (the other 2 points of the golden triangle are Knightsbridge, and Pimlico). For those on a more modest budget, Kingsbridge Circus RM3 remains an attractive option. In the south east region of London, the Portnall Rise in Surrey is the area’s most desired place to call home. This area features several golf courses as well as the popular Wentworth Club. For those wanting a cheaper London home, you may wish to consider the Amherst Court MK15 area. Moving to East London, the most desirable is going to be Park Avenue South along Harpenden & Hertfordshire streets. Featuring easy access to the M25 and Luton airport, this suburban area of London features easy living and convenience. For more conservative budgets, the Austin Avenue CO15 remains a popular choice.

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The London real estate market is diverse as you would typically expect from any major metropolitan area. The local populace speaks over 300 different languages with English being the dominant one of course. For many expatriates (expats), the primary choice in housing is fairly obvious: a London flat (or apartment). These are generally the most economical avenue for persons wishing to make a real estate purchase, and many offer easy access to the host of activities that are available in London. Thats not to say that all London flats are “cheap”. Some of the more luxurious can reach into the many millions of pounds / euros – even as high as $15 million or more. For those that are more interested in buying a London home for sale, you typically have to go further out away from the city – which isn’t a bad thing at all for those desiring views of pastures and the English countryside rather than shops & restaurants.

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Popular attractions for tourists and expatriates alike include the Tower of London, the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, and St. Margaret’s Church.

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